Andrew Evans is a writer, traveler, TV host, and a pretty nice guy. 

He has completed over 30 travel assignments with National Geographic, reporting live from all seven continents. Freely embracing all media, Andrew shares his most meaningful expeditions with friends and fans, be it crossing the Atlantic by ship, driving the full length of Route 66, live blogging from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or that time he rode 10,000 miles to Antarctica using public transportation.

Andrew is the author of four books and a contributor to a dozen more. Discover more of his work here.

Likes: running, swimming, diving, lesser-known languages, landlocked nation-states, dark chocolate, heritage cattle, old maps, tacky postcards, and long walks on shark-infested beaches.

Dislikes: tour buses, migraines, haunted prisons, stale doughnuts, giardia, the 17th century, and hangnails. 

Favorite planet: Earth